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Pirates vs Ninjas TD Cheat is: Blood and Money Hack Play Now!
Ionic Cheat is: 999999 Money on all modes. Play Now!
Random Defence Cheat is: money, lives Play Now!
Elemental Turret Defence Cheat is: Money, Money, Money. Play Now!
Village Defense Cheat is: Money and Health Hack. In some levels, you can't get the best gun also, in some levels like the snake road, you can get all the weapons and there is no upgrade time. Play Now!
War of Guns Cheat is: Lots of money Play Now!
Vehicle Tower Defense 1 Cheat is: Lives and money hack,free towers,tower statistics increased,damage increased... Note: If it won't load by itself,Right click -> Play Play Now!
Vector Menace Cheat is: All purchases add cash. Play Now!
Animal TD Cheat is: Key hacks: Key 1 + 10000 gold. Key 2 + 10000 wood. Keys 3-5 add 10000 to water, earth and fire levels (more towers). Play Now!
ArmorGames Defence Cheat is: Money Hack Play Now!
Defender Hold The Holy Pig Cheat is: Money Hack Play Now!
Wasteland Defender Cheat is: Gold - Lives - Stat Points -- NOTE: Hack buttons located under game, if you don't see them refresh or reload the page until you do! Play Now!
Z-Wars Cheat is: money,lives(for all modes) Play Now!
Defence Game: Turret Mode Cheat is: Money Hack Play Now!
Villagers Defense Cheat is: Infinite resources and main tower health Play Now!
Element Tower Defence 2 Cheat is: 100 lives and 999999 money Play Now!
Stalingrad 3 Cheat is: everything is free, power usage,base health Play Now!
Paper War Cheat is: Lots of Ink, Lots of lives and all the maps and towers have been unlocked from the start. Play Now!
World War Tower Defence Cheat is: Money and Lives Hack Play Now!
Homework Tower Defence Cheat is: 99999999 Lives, all "towers" are free and for every selling the artist you get $99.999.999 Play Now!
Terrain Defense Cheat is: 999 Lives, 999999 Gold Play Now!
Helix Defense Cheat is: Energy and Life Hack. Play Now!
Tower Defence Generals Cheat is: Life, gold and mana hack Play Now!
Germination TD Cheat is: Purchases give you more. Buy one tower to unlock the last one. Play Now!
Project Midnight Cheat is: Unlimited money - Unlimited lives - All gun stats are boosted - More zombies - Zombie HP doubled Play Now!
Master of Security Cheat is: Money and Control Panel Health Play Now!
Temple Guardian Cheat is: Miracles Money Temple HP Play Now!
Defender Tower Defence Cheat is: money, lives Play Now!
Gehee Tower Defence Cheat is: Infinite money Play Now!
Ramparts TD Cheat is: 9,999,999,999$ Money and All towers cost 100$ Play Now!
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