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Roly Poly Cannon 3 Cheat is: All Levels Unlocked Play Now!
Big Bobs Burger Joint Cheat is: You can't lose customers, added more time and set the goal to zero Play Now!
The Impossible Quiz 2 *FIXED* Cheat is: Skip questions and fusestoppers (couldn't find lives,sorry) Play Now!
Escaped Cheat is: All purchases add money, last health upgrade is 2x the health. Using abilities gives you mana. Play Now!
The World's Hardest Game 2 Cheat is: Can go through most walls, Coins at the endpoint and some levels removed. Play Now!
Super Stacker 2 Cheat is: All the stacks float, so you cant lose, lol. Hacks also include all levels unlocked, Speed Run unlocked and Bonus mode on. Play Now!
Amateur Surgeon Christmas Cheat is: Health and Time Play Now!
Ricochet Kills 2 Cheat is: Press Down Arrow for 1000 shots "Must press it on each new level" -- Click "Reset Levels" on the bottom right corner to unlock all levels! Play Now!
Morphing Cheat is: All levels unlocked. Play Now!
Pipol Smasher Cheat is: All levels are available Play Now!
Fish Need Water Cheat is: 100 strings per level - Unlimited skips. Play Now!
Cargo Bridge Xmas Cheat is: No Funds needed to build - Ignore your funds value it will go into the negative! Play Now!
The World's Hardest Game Cheat is: No walls; No enemies can be toggled on/off. Speed hack. Skip level hack. Play Now!
Rollercoaster Creator Cheat is: All levels unlocked. Play Now!
Giant Robot Cheat is: Time hack - You gain time instead of loosing it. NOTE: Right mouse click and click play or refresh page, if stuck on black screen. Play Now!
Bejeweled Blitz Cheat is: 10 minutes instead of 1.. Amusing text edited.. And I believe I upped the chances of getting hypercubes and 4 in a row gems. (Check everywhere, 85% of the text has been changed!) Play Now!
Red Remover Cheat is: Unlocked Regular Levels. Play Now!
Ninja Frog Hacked Cheat is: All levels unlocked, Sticky time increased. Play Now!
Angry Bees Hacked Cheat is: Lots of Money Play Now!
Mooo Cheat is: All levels unlocked. Play Now!
Vroom Cheat is: Unlimited parts of the ones given for each level (using parts gives you more). Play Now!
Ipossible Quiz Book Cheat is: Incorrect answers don't take away lifes! Level skip Unlocked and bomb replaced with a level skip! Play Now!
Splitter Cheat is: Amount of Cuts Play Now!
The Flood - Salvation Cheat is: Press Ctrl+F11 at the level select screen to unlock all levels. Play Now!
Magic Safari Hacked Cheat is: All levels unlocked! Play Now!
Gravity Duck 2 Hacked Cheat is: All levels unlocked, invincible duck. Play Now!
Jammin Hamster Cheat is: Unlimited time to complete the puzzle Play Now!
Bad Birds Cheat is: The available bird skills at the bottom are infinite - And this works even on user created levels. As I said the available ones, so the ones that aren't highlighted can't be used.. Play Now!
Aequilibrium 3 Cheat is: All levels unlocked. Play Now!
Mahjong- WoW Connect v1.4 Cheat is: 10x the time for each level - Using shuffles and hints gives you more. Play Now!
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