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The Last Shelter Hacked Cheat is: Buying stuff adds cash. Play Now!
Cursed Treasure Level Pack Cheat is: Building towers gives gold - Using spells gives mana. Play Now!
Penguin War Cheat is: Twice the Health of Enemy - Start one level ahead of Enemy. Play Now!
Penguins Attack 3 Cheat is: A lot of health, all levels unlocked, fast level up. Play Now!
3 Lil' Pigs Home Defense Cheat is: Money, Lives, Everything costs 1. Play Now!
Mario and Friends: Tower Defense Cheat is: Unlimited Coins,Mushrooms & x2 Lives Play Now!
Humans vs Monsters Cheat is: Unlimited Cash & Lives go negative Play Now!
Last Moment Cheat is: Every Purchase/Upgrade/Unlock/Build/Repair is FREE & INSTANT! Play Now!
Sangoku Heroe Cheat is: Key hacks: Key 1 adds 1000 gold, key 2 adds 5 lives and key 3 adds 5 special points. Play Now!
Galaxy Tower Defense Cheat is: Purchases/Moving/Selling Towers gives you money & Start with 100 lives on all modes (except Boss - survival mode because it has no lives in it) Play Now!
Vulcania Cheat is: Unlimited Gold & Energy (Health) Play Now!
Guard Nail Household Cheat is: Purchases add Money & Enemies add health Play Now!
South Pole Aggressor Cheat is: All Levels Unlocked & Keyhacks: C to add $1000 & H to add 100 Health. Note that the labels of each will refresh after buying and placing a unit. Play Now!
Monsters Ate My Neighbors Cheat is: All purchases and upgrades give you money (suns). Play Now!
Picnic Basket Defence Cheat is: All purchases add cash. Play Now!
Industrial Tower Defence Cheat is: All purchases add money. Play Now!
Vector Menace Cheat is: All purchases add cash. Play Now!
Zombie Tower Defense 5 Cheat is: Money and lives hack. Play Now!
Hole Quaser Cheat is: Keyhacks: 1 for Gold and 2 for Lives Play Now!
Yarrr TD Cheat is: Key hacks - press key 1 to add 20 gold, key 2 to have full health. Play Now!
Zombie Crusade Cheat is: Start with x10 more Money & Lives hack Play Now!
Planet Defense 1 Cheat is: All purchases add money, enemies give you health. Play Now!
Caldera Legends Cheat is: Unlimited Gold after every battle - Buying units adds Mana. Note : your "towers" can only shoot in a straight direction. That's how the game was made it's not something we did. Play Now!
Germination TD Cheat is: Purchases give you more. Buy one tower to unlock the last one. Play Now!
Iwo Jima Defence Cheat is: Cash & Lives hack Play Now!
WWII Defense Cheat is: Key hacks - press key 1 to add 1000 money, key 2 to add 1000 health. Play Now!
Tanks and Towers: Tank Invasion Cheat is: Money & Lives hack (lives will go negative) Play Now!
Cute Destroyer Cheat is: Money - All Weapons unlimited ammo & clipsize & Press H to add 500% more Health Play Now!
Prison Planet Cheat is: All purchases and upgrades add starbucks (money). Play Now!
Project Midnight Cheat is: Unlimited money - Unlimited lives - All gun stats are boosted - More zombies - Zombie HP doubled Play Now!
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