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Mario DS Cheat is: Tons of Lives Play Now!
Sim Taxi: Bubble City Cheat is: Keyhacks: C to add $500 Cash, F to refill Fuel & H for infinite Health Play Now!
Hamster Blue Lagoon Cheat is: All level goals set to 1 & Upgrades Free Play Now!
Gold Spot Cheat is: Lives & Keyhacks: 1 to add $999999 and 2 to bring it back to $0. Use the 2nd keyhack after finished level because the score counter will go forever. In the shop just press 1 again. You will need to grab 1 gold piece in the game so the money value change. Play Now!
Watermelon Bomb Cheat is: All upgrades Free Play Now!
The Ratmobile Cheat is: Infinite health & Timer stopped Play Now!
Pizza Boy Cheat is: Unlimited Pizzas & Timer x5 times Play Now!
Slippery Parking Cheat is: Health & Timer Play Now!
Clarences Big Chance Cheat is: Invincible,Higher jump & Speed increased on all terrains Play Now!
Little Loki Escapes from Hell Cheat is: Dying gives you lives Play Now!
Park My Tank Cheat is: Play as ghost mode, No crashing, Able to drive through all objects Play Now!
Plumber Beeny Hamster Cheat is: You don't die when the health reaches 0 Play Now!
Bombaguy Cheat is: Gold, Invincibility & Press E to End the level and skip to the next one Play Now!
Violet Parking Cheat is: Infinite health & lives, Timer stopped. Note: After loading game if it doesn't start just refresh. Play Now!
Backyard Sale Cheat is: Unlimited Time & Tips for each level Play Now!
Luna's Magic Flower Shop Cheat is: All level goals set to 1 & Timer x2 Doubled for each level Play Now!
Taco Bull Cheat is: Unlimited Lives Play Now!
Maverick Cheat is: You can't die Play Now!
Trailer Parking Cheat is: Keyhack: H for Infinite Health (lives) & Timer. Yes,there is an in-game timer that is not shown on the screen. Play Now!
Trapped in a House Cheat is: Enemies do no damage, the timer still does damage but you need to die somehow :P Play Now!
Guardian Angel Cheat is: Dying gives you lives, using wings gives you more. Play Now!
Pro Skate Cheat is: You don't lose lives, all levels unlocked. Mouse click to select the level space to start it. Note : if your player isn't moving click the screen first and he'll start moving. Play Now!
Transmissions Cheat is: Key hacks : press key 1 to add 20 money, key 2 for oxygen, key 3 for food and key 4 for armor. Play Now!
Zombie Cannon Cheat is: Everything in the store costs 0 (don't look at the prices). The game is not in English so click around to see what button does what. Some items need to be purchased before you can buy other items (like the guns and cannons) - they need to be upgraded in order smallest to biggest. Play Now!
Up Down Ready Cheat is: You don't lose any lives. Play Now!
Virtual Ace Fighter Deluxe Edition Cheat is: Lives (after death you respawn where you left off) & Codes modified. Game Code "unlock" to unlock all modes. Stage codes: Original mode (o1,o2), Classic mode (c1-c7), Master mode (m1-m7) Play Now!
Monster Jack Cheat is: Our 5000th REAL hack. Infinite lives Play Now!
Hair Mania Cheat is: All Tools Unlocked & Can use All of them on any level & Unlimited Time for each level Play Now!
Funny Cars Cheat is: Infinite Cash Play Now!
Market Delivery Cheat is: Unlimited Cash,Reward per completed level,Can always put 50 cargo & 1 Cargo item needed to complete a level Play Now!
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