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Epic War 3 Cheat is: money, exp, player health, castle health, player speed, player damage Play Now!
Weapon Game Cheat is: Credits,invincible black hawk and delta guy,ammo and clip size,no reload,all guns make more damage Note:I know it goes off screen but you can still play it Play Now!
The Last Stand 2 Cheat is: All Weapons Found, Aiming more Accurate, 99 Hours In Day, 99 Supply Packs found each time, 80000 HP Barricade, 999 Magazine Capacity, Quicker Reload Time, 99 Gas Cylinders, 99 Mines, 99 Bear Traps and More Zombies. Play Now!
Dawn of the Celebs 2 Cheat is: Money, lots of health and limo health (after you upgrade the limo), unlimited ammo for weapons 2 and 3. Play Now!
Big Battle Tanks Cheat is: Money, Inf. fuel, Inf. Parachutes, Inf. Shields, Inf. Teleports, and Inf. Repairs...Note: They go -9999999 into the negative.. And The AI can't use repairs.. Play Now!
DragonBall Z: Earth Defender Cheat is: Invincibility,money,prices set to $1,starting experience,bigger fireball,damage increased Play Now!
Rise of the Tower Cheat is: Everything is free even upgrades - machine gun and cannon power increased - rocket launcher delay time decreased Play Now!
Hold The Line Cheat is: Infinite Money, 5 Millions health and gun over heat improved. Play Now!
Radio Zed Cheat is: Money - Skill Points - 10x more Player and Wall Health - No reload time Play Now!
Dynasty War Cheat is: Upgrades, Specials, Attacks and everything cost no gold or mana. Play Now!
Epic War 2 Cheat is: 5 Million Health, Lots of Experience points for all races, Mana will jump to max after half way on some upgrades. At the black screen, please allow some time for the game to load. Play Now!
Bunny Invasion - Easter Special Cheat is: Lives and Money Hack Play Now!
Bowmaster Prelude Cheat is: No Bow Cool Downs and 5,000,000 Gold *New Version* Play Now!
War Droids Cheat is: Health hack. Upgrades and units are all free. Play Now!
Sand Castle Cheat is: Money and Ammo Play Now!
Legend Wars Cheat is: Gold hack -- Gold hack button below the game -- I only added one hack because I realized you can buy unlimited amount of health and stats for your towers and soldiers! Play Now!
Storm the House 1 Cheat is: $9,999,999 Money, 99,999 Ammo and 99,999 Health Play Now!
Rock and War Cheat is: All units unlocked. Play Now!
Penguin Massacre Cheat is: Money hack, health hack, ammo hack, reload hack, weapons cost hack. Play Now!
Palisade Guardian 2 Cheat is: All enemies only damage wall by "1" and a lot more money earned each round. Sorry no ammo hack, game is encrypted and hard to hack ! Play Now!
Black Navy War Cheat is: Base Health and Resource Hack - Kill at least one enemy to start the resource hack.. Play Now!
Mothership Warfare Cheat is: Alot of Credits, Upgrades are free,Recharge Time Reduced, and Available units unlocked! !! Marine, tank, and missile man no wait time !! MAY HAVE TO RIGHT CLICK AND CLICK PLAY Play Now!
GUNROX: Superstar Bodyguard Cheat is: Infinite wall health,all weapons found,totally upgraded and silenced,all upgrades found and equipped,ammo for all weapons,no reload,increased damage per hit Play Now!
Frontline Defense 2 Cheat is: Infinite Health - Every tower in battle is free (buying & moving) - Free Upgrades in the War-Mart - All Missions & Special Sniper Missions unlocked (mouse over). Play Now!
Palisade Guardian Cheat is: Life, ammo, money - To play the game, right click and click play. Play Now!
Unlimited Zombies Cheat is: Lots of money and health Play Now!
Back2Back Cheat is: Level Select, Orbs, All Units start with 5000 Health, regeneration rate 3 instead of 1.5, All units Range is 8, Infinite Medkits and Stimpacks with no wait timers ! Play Now!
Renegade Commanders Cheat is: Build one Power Plant and gain Huge Amounts of money on both modes ! -- And sorry but money is the only hack that I could give you because you play both sides ! So it would hurt you when you play the renegade missions ! Play Now!
1 Will Survive Cheat is: Gold, Base Health, Unit Limit Play Now!
Penguins Attack TD 2 Cheat is: Money - Lives hack Play Now!
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