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Monster Joust Madness Cheat is: 1. Infinite HP 2. 9999999 Gold 3. 9999 Damage Max 4. Increased Chance of Knock down (although it doesn't matter) to 999 Play Now!
Spongebob Deep Sea Smashout Cheat is: Press 1 for lives hack Play Now!
Super Mario Galaxy Cheat is: Press H to add 100 Health - Press S to add 20% Weapon Speed & 1-2-3 for Weapon selection Play Now!
Run Bolt Run Cheat is: Higher Jump and run faster. Bolt is now a super dog. Play Now!
Pandemic: Extinction of Man Cheat is: Starting Points hack! Note: Game updated,please clean your cache! Play Now!
Coptor Control Cheat is: Press Space for Unlimited Copter Health Play Now!
Mario Starcatcher 2 Cheat is: 99999999 Lives Play Now!
Rocket Up Cheat is: All Prices $1. Further upgrades will cost $1 more,which is not a big deal Play Now!
Stone Punk Cheat is: Everything is free, And Huge Food Upgrade -- RIGHT CLICK AND CLICK PLAY ! Play Now!
Panik in Suburbia Cheat is: 10x the time, dying gives you lives. Play Now!
Mario Plane Rescue Cheat is: Unlimited Upgrade Coins,more lives added Play Now!
Tattoo Artist Cheat is: No shakes and no pain. Play Now!
Mario Journey Cheat is: Infinite Lives and a little bit jumping higher Play Now!
Chalkzone: Double Trouble Cheat is: Enemies give you health - Dying gives you lives (if you manage to die). Play Now!
BMX Park Cheat is: More time to perform stunts Play Now!
Old Mario Brothers Cheat is: Lives Hack Play Now!
Free Ball 2 Cheat is: The red ball never appears. Play Now!
Modern Medieval 2 Cheat is: 77777 health and 7777 lives Play Now!
Plumber Beeny Hamster Cheat is: You don't die when the health reaches 0 Play Now!
Zombie Baseball Cheat is: Increased amount of skill points, Normal bat is now maxed out. Increased ball frequency and recovery time from the start. Play Now!
Kitten Cannon Cheat is: Zero Gravity! More Fun! (Or for people with and IQ of -50, that means you can only gain speed, and the only way of dying is on a death spike / Venus fly-trap) Play Now!
Snow Plow Cheat is: Everything in the store costs 1 only, you don't lose if you hit a car. Support the developer via GamerSafe if you like the game. Play Now!
Castlevania Extreme Cheat is: Infinite Lives, Infinite Hearts, Infinite Health, All Enemies Heath Lowered To 5 Play Now!
Tinie Tempah Cheat is: Dying doesn't take away lives, very high jump, lots of jumps in the air. Play Now!
20,000 Feet and Falling Cheat is: Infinite time + nitro. Play Now!
Park My Big Rig Cheat is: Frozen timer and lives hack... Note: To play: Right click -> Play Play Now!
Burger Restaurant 3 Cheat is: Always pass the levels - Infinite money in the shop for upgrades Play Now!
BMX LDS Cheat is: Infinite Lives and super jumps. Play Now!
Pacman War Cheat is: More Health added Play Now!
Guts 'n' Glory Cheat is: More Energy added, higher energy-bonus from Cosmo, one-hit kill on the most of them Play Now!
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