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Pinball Smash Up Cheat is: Lives hack Play Now!
Mad Spaceship Cheat is: Money Hack Play Now!
Private Pwn Cheat is: Speed cheat, grenade cheat, health cheat, ammo cheat, and power up timer cheat. Play Now!
Elephants in Lemonade Cheat is: 999 lives and 100,000,000 to score when game begins. Play Now!
Snow Trouble Cheat is: Dying doesn't take away lives. Play Now!
To-Suta Cheat is: Unlimited health, Unlimited stamina and Unlimited special after one kill Play Now!
Fantastic Treasures Cheat is: Infinite Health and Money Hack Play Now!
Wierdville Cheat is: Unlimited lives and all level passwords are their numbers (1-10) Play Now!
Balloon Duel Cheat is: $999,999 Money Hack Play Now!
Bow the Fruits Cheat is: x2 Doubled Timer - 5 more Arrows for each level - Goals set to 1 Play Now!
Asteroid Cheat is: 999 Lives Play Now!
The Haunted House Cheat is: More money per zombie. Play Now!
Splatman Cheat is: Infinite Lives and more time added Play Now!
The Wizard's Boxes Cheat is: Enemies do no damage. Play Now!
Space Invaders Cheat is: 1337 lives, First row ships give 1000pts each, Second row ships give 2000pts each, And third rows give 4000pts each. Play Now!
MoMiner Cheat is: GIVE THE GAME TIME TO LOAD! Infinite gold,doubled fuel and drill speed,stickman says facts about Martin Play Now!
Notepad Invaders Cheat is: Infinite Lives Play Now!
N Way of the Ninja Cheat is: +9999999999 to time each time collecting one gold square, He runs a little faster now, Longer/higher jump, Invincibility Against All Things, Auto Cancel Laser, Auto Cancel Machine Gun, Hyper Jump, Invisible Explosion Lightning Fly's Outa N Play Now!
ZunderFury Cheat is: All purchases add credits - Using bombs doesn't take them away - Dying doesn't take away lives. Play Now!
Redneck Pets Cheat is: Start with lots of cash. Play Now!
GlueFO Cheat is: Lives and Gluetron bombs hacked Play Now!
Perfect Balance 3 Cheat is: Unlimited Level Skips & All Packs Unlocked Play Now!
Virtua Worm Cheat is: Unlimited Health and Unlimited Lives. Play Now!
The Bounce Cheat is: You can't get hurt. Play Now!
Duck and Hover Cheat is: Infinite Health, Mostly Infinite Fuel Play Now!
Feel the Beat Cheat is: Unlimited Health Play Now!
Speedy's Pyramid Rescue Cheat is: Infinite Lives - Infinite Anvils - Infinite peppers - Timer Stopped. Play Now!
Bomber Bob Cheat is: Ship & Plane are indestructable Play Now!
Frogger Cheat is: 999 Lives, 1500 Time, and 10,000 bonus points Play Now!
Log Runner Cheat is: Lives Hack Play Now!
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