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Watermelon Bomb Cheat is: All upgrades Free Play Now!
Clarences Big Chance Cheat is: Invincible,Higher jump & Speed increased on all terrains Play Now!
Duckstazy Cheat is: All upgrades cost 1 only. Play Now!
Short Bus Rampage Cheat is: Infinite Lives, More Time Added (Infinite Time would make it stop at level 1) Play Now!
Legend of Zelda Pacman Cheat is: 999999999 Lives Play Now!
Super Mario BP Oil Spill Cheat is: Invincible Mario. No need for a timer hack since you can finish the levels very fast. Play Now!
Fishi2 Cheat is: A lot of cash Play Now!
Galaga 2004 Cheat is: Lives Play Now!
Parking Perfection 2 Cheat is: Timer hack Play Now!
White Jumping Cheat is: Do a few tricks and get unlimited score (money) Play Now!
Guitar Nero Cheat is: Infinite Health - Lives - Frozen Timer & Codes for skin change modified (1,2 & 3) Play Now!
Bubble Gum Run Cheat is: Health and Time Play Now!
Screw Loose Cheat is: Invincibility, higher jump, x2 the speed Play Now!
Sexy Slots Cheat is: Lots of money, increased max bet and more chances to win the jackpot. Play Now!
The Brave Hussar 2 Cheat is: Enemies give you health (lives). Play Now!
Astro Dog Cheat is: Infinite lives. Play Now!
Vase Breaker Cheat is: Shots and score hack Play Now!
Bombaguy Cheat is: Gold, Invincibility & Press E to End the level and skip to the next one Play Now!
Armor Games Avalanche Cheat is: Start with lots of cash. Play Now!
Doomsdale Cheat is: Money, unlimited pauses and bombs (don't look at the shield indicator). Play Now!
Virinda Cheat is: Jump height increased, Negative timer stopped, infinite chances. Play Now!
Gravity Orb Cheat is: Dying gives you lives - Level Passwords are: 1)vertigo 2)ocean 3)pond 4)water 5)switchback 6)zigzag 7)island 8)lake 9)chute 10)rain 11)shower 12)mine 13)dark 14)maze 15)hall 16)waste 17)dash 18)toxic 19)pipe 20)time 21)crush 22)smash 23)shock 24)pull 25)laser 26)warp 27)lights 28)infinity 29)endgame 30)final Play Now!
Malachite Cheat is: Unlimited health. Play Now!
Last Touchdown Cheat is: Nothing can hurt you and infinite lives Play Now!
Juicy Fruit Gum: Greedy Pinatas Cheat is: Infinite health Play Now!
Happy Tree Friends: Flippy Attack Cheat is: 999 time, shooter shoots slower Play Now!
Easter Egg Tycoon Cheat is: Bunnies and bunny egg limits decreased, times on burners, painters etc. decreased, tons of tons of lives, added some more burners, painters, hens etc., added max eggs that you can carry, lots of money, eggs lay faster Play Now!
Sonny Cheat is: Infinite Lives Play Now!
Taz Man Cheat is: Lives hack Play Now!
Anti Pacman Cheat is: 99999999 Lives Play Now!
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