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This is the only level too Cheat is: Timer - All modes an characters unlocked - Note: Might need to Right click -> Play Play Now!
Super Cristophe Brothers Cheat is: Infinite lives - From begining onwards fireballs & star available - Press numpad '5' to fire. Note: Even with star be aware of plants. Play Now!
Ice Road Truckers 2 Cheat is: Money, damage, fuel. Requested game, don't complain :) Play Now!
Suprise Kiss Cheat is: Double time Play Now!
Avatar the Last Airbender: Trial of Serpent's Pass Cheat is: Timer stopped - Chi will be raised with one press (1,2,3 based on the block). Play Now!
Doodle Defender Cheat is: Infinite Ships, Prices change to $1 & Infinite money Play Now!
CrashBoard Cheat is: Unlimited balls Play Now!
Luigi's Revenge 2 Cheat is: Enemies give you health. Play Now!
Jumping Rednecks Cheat is: Infinite chances Play Now!
The Black Wolf Wants Sheep Cheat is: Health hack, dying gives you lives just in case. Check the controls "how to" before playing. Play Now!
Skill Parking Cheat is: Invincible truck Play Now!
Milk Quest Cheat is: Press Space to skip a level Play Now!
Bratz Fish Tank Cheat is: Money Hack - $9999999 Play Now!
Backyard Sale Cheat is: Unlimited Time & Tips for each level Play Now!
Kill me! Cheat is: body limit is 9999 Play Now!
Luigi's Revenge Cheat is: Enemies give you health. Play Now!
Busy Burger Cheat is: Infinite lives Play Now!
Inner Zombie Cheat is: Lots of RNA - Money Play Now!
The Junk Yard Cheat is: Timer hack,more money gained and more score per finished level Play Now!
Bucking Bull Racing Cheat is: Money hack Play Now!
Sim Taxi: Bubble City Cheat is: Keyhacks: C to add $500 Cash, F to refill Fuel & H for infinite Health Play Now!
Parking Perfection Cheat is: Timer hack Play Now!
Polly Party Pickup Cheat is: Timer stopped - Tornado cant cut off your friends. Play Now!
Go to hell Cheat is: 99 Lives, Unlimited Health, 999 Coins. Unlimited Food, Can't die from no air. Play Now!
Plant Life 1 Cheat is: Invincible Plant Play Now!
Drunken Masters Cheat is: You start with bunch of VIP cards,they all cost only $1,some customers give you bigger tips,lots of cash,bigger awards Play Now!
Speed Escape 4 Cheat is: Unlimited time to escape. Play Now!
Line Runner 2 Cheat is: Infinite lives on Arcade mode (the other mode has different challenges). Play Now!
Penguin Salvage 1 Cheat is: Unlimited Fireballs & All Levels Unlocked Play Now!
Island Survival Cheat is: All levels unlocked. Play Now!
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