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Mas Mahem Three Games

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Flutag Tournament Cheat is: Cash hack Play Now!
Planet Hopper Cheat is: Start out with a lot of cash Play Now!
Total Defence Cheat is: Health hack Play Now!
Cog Factory Cheat is: you won't lose even if you have stuffed up the thing, note:to win focus on one of the tube, dont stuff up all of the tubes like crazy or you can't go to the next level. Play Now!
Mini Scientist Cheat is: Press key 1 to advance to the next stage, press tab to scroll through the items you can use on the current stage. Play Now!
Star Bear Brother Cheat is: Unlimited lives Play Now!
Guts 'n' Glory Cheat is: More Energy added, higher energy-bonus from Cosmo, one-hit kill on the most of them Play Now!
Rex Racer Cheat is: Unlimited lives,flipping over doesn't kill you. Play Now!
Necronator Cheat is: Souls "money" And Mana - No unit limit - No cool-down time on units or spells - NOTE: Mana hack starts after tutorial or you can abort tutorial either or! " HIGHSCORES DISABLED " Also see note below! Play Now!
Rainbow Sphere Cheat is: "Invincibility" - you can still get stuck, and I don't think there is a reset button Jump from midair possible Play Now!
Transformers Truck Cheat is: Unlimited Time & You can pass a level even if you don't deliver any cargo Play Now!
Sling Wars Middle Ages Cheat is: Always start with 2 to 3 times more players than opponent - stats start at 9 instead of 0 - 5 minutes to move instead of 30 seconds. And win level even if you loose! Play Now!
Choose Your 2012 Cheat is: Time hack Play Now!
N The Way Of The Ninja - Full Game Cheat is: Invincibility. Infinite Time. Press "\" For Create Mode In Menu. Custom Level 00. Some Others. Play Now!
R.O.B.O.T. Relatively Obedient Being of Thought Cheat is: You can max everything first time. Play Now!
Super Bobby World Cheat is: Infinite Lives Play Now!
Sim Lemon Lemonade 30 Days Cheat is: Money Play Now!
Scooby Doo: The Ghost Pirate Attacks Cheat is: Fearless Play Now!
Angel Falls Cheat is: Lives Hack Play Now!
Mob Posse Cheat is: Lots of cash, needs only 1 exp point to evolution and instant evolution Play Now!
Sprouts Adventure Teaser Cheat is: Karma points Play Now!
Burger Tycoon Cheat is: Lots of Money Play Now!
Vengeance Rider Cheat is: Lots of health Play Now!
Medieval Massacre Cheat is: Gold,wall and Tesla Coil hack,soldiers' hp hack Play Now!
VR Defender Y3K Cheat is: 99999999 Tower-Health and infinite money Play Now!
Box10 ATV Cheat is: All levels unlocked, invincible player. Play Now!
Shuriken Challenge Cheat is: Lives hack Play Now!
Slice: Fortress Defense Cheat is: Everything is free, health NOTE: Health still goes down but you wont die until heath left is -99999999. Play Now!
Windhawk Cheat is: More health and money added,ammo and oxygen Play Now!
Tealy and Orangey Cheat is: Invincible tealy and orangey. Play Now!
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