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Mas Mahem Three Games

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Omega Box Cheat is: Keyhacks: 1 for GodMode ON/Q - OFF; 2 for Infinite Medals (money) & Score; 3 to Unlock All Achievements Play Now!
Parasite X Cheat is: Health and points Play Now!
3D Tunnel Cheat is: 200 Upgrades Play Now!
Speed Bus Cheat is: Keyhacks: 1 for Infinite Life; 2 to add 20 max speed & 3 to end the level Play Now!
Shoplifter Defence Cheat is: End Shift Immediately Button, Ammo, Unlimited Warnings (lives), Money Play Now!
Defend your Mom Cheat is: Infinite Bullets and $10.000 instead if $100 Starting-Cash Play Now!
Beach Defence Cheat is: 99999999 Health added Play Now!
Super Pilot Cheat is: More health added Play Now!
Big Tree Defense Cheat is: All levels unlocked - Start with 100 points - All weapons and upgrades only 1 point - Tree trunk and limb upgrades are free - Tree repair is free - Sell any weapon from the tree for a huge amount of water ! Play Now!
Floatin Assault Cheat is: Unlimited Health and Specials Attacks. Play Now!
Extreme Heli Boarding Cheat is: Time Play Now!
Topsy Turvy Cheat is: Spikes don't hurt you, all levels unlocked. Play Now!
Black Eagle Cheat is: Invincible Helicopter - Infinite Fuel - Unlimited Machine Gun & Other Missile's Ammo Play Now!
Planet Hulk Gladiators Cheat is: Enemies give you health. Play Now!
Homeboy Heroes Cheat is: 999999999 cash Play Now!
Darkness Springs Defense Cheat is: Lots of gold for every level Play Now!
Boat Invasion Cheat is: Money & Lives Play Now!
Rofl Copter 2 Cheat is: Health hack Play Now!
Alloy Arena Cheat is: Invincible transformer,all picked up weapons last x2 longer and more points per kill Play Now!
Vinnie's Shooting Yard 4 Cheat is: Unlimited ammo (no reload). Play Now!
Circle of Pain Cheat is: Lots of money and the elemental cup mode is unlocked--Note:Let the game a while load Play Now!
Air Monkey Cheat is: Dying gives you lives. Play Now!
Playing with Fire 1 Cheat is: unlimited bombs, length of bomb blast Play Now!
Mario Sea War Cheat is: Coins & Mushrooms Play Now!
Violet Parking Cheat is: Infinite health & lives, Timer stopped. Note: After loading game if it doesn't start just refresh. Play Now!
1 Will Survive Cheat is: Gold, Base Health, Unit Limit Play Now!
Star Serpent Cheat is: Ammo and Infinite Health Hack Play Now!
Mario DS Cheat is: Tons of Lives Play Now!
Evil Nights Cheat is: Infinite Money by mistermigster Play Now!
Space Hummer 3 Cheat is: Unlimited time to reach the goal Play Now!
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