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Mas Mahem Three Games

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Bloody Hell Cheat is: Time Hack Play Now!
Little Stars for Little Wars Cheat is: All levels unlocked - Start each level with a star that spawns 100 units per second. Play Now!
Draw Destroy Cheat is: 999999999 Health Play Now!
The World's Hardest Game Cheat is: No walls; No enemies can be toggled on/off. Speed hack. Skip level hack. Play Now!
Drag Racer v1.17f Cheat is: A lot of money on both normal and cheat mode. Play Now!
Count Down 35 Cheat is: Keyhacks: 1 for +500 money, 2-Health & Mana recharge, 3-Ammo recharge, 4-All Specials Ready (click to activate them). Play Now!
Blosics 2 Cheat is: Best balls are free - All goals set to 1 Play Now!
Condition Cheat is: Invincibility Play Now!
Magic Safari Hacked Cheat is: All levels unlocked! Play Now!
Super Mario BP Oil Spill Cheat is: Invincible Mario. No need for a timer hack since you can finish the levels very fast. Play Now!
Alpha Bounty Cheat is: Money, Health and Accuracy Increased Play Now!
Box10 Barry Cheat is: Keyhacks: H-Infinite Health,5-Special Ammo & 1-4 Select Weapons even though they're locked Play Now!
Argon Wars Cheat is: Ship and Health Hack Play Now!
Astrae Bellum Cheat is: Each time you send out units the amount is added to your star - You can win in a few seconds. Note: Refresh the page if the game doesn't start after the first try. Play Now!
Mushroom Farm Defender Cheat is: infinity cash, health, mushrooms cost $1, cut trees cost $1, diamons cost $1, tower stats, more time Play Now!
Nuclear Eagle Cheat is: Nest health hacked (feed the birds with 1 villager to make the hack work) and i also hacked the points so u can lvl up faster to lvl 17 Play Now!
Sift Heads 4 Cheat is: cash hack Play Now!
Micro Trux Cheat is: All Bodies, Wheels, Speed Boost, and difficulties unlocked and owned - More Time - Only need to play one level to unlock Freeplay mode! Play Now!
Big City Diner Cheat is: More money, faster cooking and reduced level goals. Play Now!
2020 - The Beginning Cheat is: Key hacks - press key 1 to add 50 gold, key 2 to add 1 of each worker, key 3 to heal your ship in battle and key 4 to reload instantly. Play Now!
Plumber Beeny Hamster Cheat is: You don't die when the health reaches 0 Play Now!
Planet Noevo Cheat is: Health - Never Hungry - Energy - All Materials - Points - Experience Increased A Bit - Leveled Up Play Now!
HackerStory Cheat is: Lots of money and 1337 fame Play Now!
Epic City Builder Cheat is: Start with 1000000 money instead of 20000. Play Now!
Sunrise Hackathon Cheat is: Upgrade point hack Play Now!
Magnet Towers Cheat is: More time added Play Now!
Da Club Cheat is: Money Hack, 99999 Visitors, Days Hack, 99999 Rep, You dont need to buy anything the TVs and things are already added to 999999999/999999999 level. Play Now!
Valkyrie Stone Goblin Cheat is: Infinite lifes, Enemies cant take ur energy, from begining onwards u'll have bow & unlimited arrows, Energy, Jump, run power increased Play Now!
Moto Rush Cheat is: Turning upside down won't kill you - Get 1 nitrous pickup for Infinite nitrous the rest of the level. -- Note: Don't pay any attention to the Nitro meter, it will appear empty after using it. -- Input "SCORE" as code to unlock everything! Play Now!
Doomed Cheat is: Money, Ammo, Health, Armour. Do not buy health or armour from the store if you do not want them to reset. Play Now!
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