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Mas Mahem Three Games

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Rocket Fighter Cheat is: 8uurg: Health, Power deathnote202: Price of items Play Now!
Caves of Mordor Cheat is: Infinite Stat-Points and Health Play Now!
Barbarian Cheat is: Infinite Life, Enemy Health Cut In Half Play Now!
Clash'N Slash 1 Cheat is: Invincible ship and planet,all guns and upgrades from the full version unlocked,you have the planet upgrade available,upgrade bars are full every shot,no reload - ignore the reload timer just shoot right through it Play Now!
Warlords: Heroes Cheat is: health hack, money hack, lives hack, speed hack(not too much cause it will be hard to play) Play Now!
Reverb Cheat is: Infinite health - DOESN'T WORK ON FIRST BOSS Play Now!
20,000 Feet and Falling Cheat is: Infinite time + nitro. Play Now!
Toy Tank Arena Cheat is: Lives hack for all modes - Your Tank can shoot more rapidly Play Now!
Final Fantasy Sim Date Cheat is: Starting a game gives you alot of money and stats. Play Now!
Fireworks Cart Racing Cheat is: Infinite turbos "rockets - Infinite fuel - Note: It is a short game I but thought you guys might want a short thrill ride lol! Play Now!
Hands Of War RPG Cheat is: Gold, Upgrade Points, Level, Set Character Stats, Health and Mana Potions Play Now!
Marpoon Lagoon Cheat is: 9999 Stash and 99999 "This Strip" Play Now!
Park A Lot 1 Cheat is: 6000 timer Play Now!
Tank 2008 : Last Assault Cheat is: Loads of Coins - Invincibility Play Now!
Obama Rider Cheat is: Health & Timer Play Now!
Virtual villagers: The Lost Children Cheat is: Money,Tech,beetles(couldnt get pebbles, butterflys, shells),2 Farming 3 science, Play Now!
D-Day Defender Cheat is: No Overheat - Infinite Ammo - Mortars Always Ready - Engineering Power Up is always ready and is now "Extra Fire Power and Base Health!!" Play Now!
Witch Hunt Nooboo Mary Cheat is: Souls Hack, It's pretty much all you need. Play Now!
Final Fantasy Sonic X Episode 6 Cheat is: 999999 hp & mp, 999999 GB and DB, enemy hp to 9999 for more fun, 999999 time to consider in stage 2 Play Now!
Stick Defense Cheat is: money,health Play Now!
Uphill Rush 2 Cheat is: Infinite Lives Play Now!
Deflector Cheat is: Deflector shield time increased - Shield strength increased from 1 to 99 - Length of the deflector line increased x10 (in advanced stages you can draw circle around your globe). Play Now!
Lord of the Stars Cheat is: 99999999 Health and 40 Stars for upgrading Play Now!
Crazy Flasher 3 Cheat is: Money Hack - 5,000,000 Cash Play Now!
Vengeance Rider Cheat is: Lots of health Play Now!
Monsters vs Aliens - Gallaxhar Invades! Cheat is: Dying gives you lives. Play Now!
Shape Shooter 3 Cheat is: Lives Hack Play Now!
Revenge of the Fly Cheat is: Lives hack - Game has been removed Play Now!
Eirik Cheat is: Money, attributes, castle health and runes Play Now!
BowMaster Cheat is: Hacked Money (2936050000EXP) Bonuses are 10x and 100x higher. Everything is 10x or 100x cheaper. Bow cool down is faster. Play Now!
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