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Mas Mahem Three Games

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The Golden Lands Cheat is: Gold, EXP, Enemies give you health, all weapons unlocked from the start (just use them don't mind they show as disabled), all weapons have 1 second cooldown. Play Now!
Bush Rampage Cheat is: everything to max at game start, more points, more time, a lot of money, more points at shooting tanks, people, and jeeps Play Now!
Pace Maker Cheat is: Cash & Lives Play Now!
The Ban Bin Cheat is: Life Hack Play Now!
Hobo 4: Total War Cheat is: Invincible hobo - All passwords revealed: HOTSHOTS, RAMBOHOBO, RAMBOSHOTS, WARBO, RAMBOWARBO, CITYJUNGLE Play Now!
Clarences Big Chance Cheat is: Invincible,Higher jump & Speed increased on all terrains Play Now!
The Purple Box 2 Cheat is: money Play Now!
Forklift Frenzy Cheat is: Timer is 100 seconds instead of 40 for each level Play Now!
Drones Cheat is: Points hack Play Now!
Hulk Smash Up Cheat is: More time added and if you're running out of time (which i don't think) you can't lose . Play Now!
Square Go Home Cheat is: All Normal and special levels unlocked. Play Now!
Galactic Rebellion Full Version Cheat is: Command Center 999999 health - All weapons 9999 health - Everything cost 1 Crystal - Over 80% more armor - Enjoy Play Now!
Chrome Wars Cheat is: Win 50 million dollars after each fight, and 18 hundred points on grit "health" & chrome on startup.. if you want - "Before you Start the Game" you can remove points from grit and chrome and use them on the other items instead.. Play Now!
Flash Circle TD Cheat is: Money Hack - $5,000,000 Play Now!
Gehee Tower Defence Cheat is: Infinite money Play Now!
Nail It Cheat is: Infinite life Play Now!
ZombieLand Cheat is: Skill points hack Play Now!
Medieval Massacre Cheat is: Gold,wall and Tesla Coil hack,soldiers' hp hack Play Now!
Urban Sniper Cheat is: Bullets Hack - It's all you need Play Now!
Run,Jesus,Run! Cheat is: 127 seconds to beat the game instead of 10 seconds.It only takes a second for the hack to work. ;) Play Now!
Vampire Scent Cheat is: Start with lots of life - Mana and gold. Play Now!
Kinetikz 3 Cheat is: lives, speed, slow bar, unlocked levels Play Now!
Days Of The Dead Cheat is: Wall Health - Infinite Mana - Money - Skill Points - Magic Points - Fire,Ice & Poison Play Now!
My Island RPG Cheat is: NaN money - popular,intelligence,and strength stats are very high at the start - 20 extra experience points to distribute! Play Now!
Divergence Turret Defence Cheat is: bp,score,money,kills,total score,waves,unlock lvls Play Now!
The Breach Cheat is: Health - Weapon Damage & ROF Increased - Level up to max level 20 with just 2 kills! Play Now!
Surrounded Cheat is: Health, Shield, Everything costs 0, Armor Play Now!
When the Plague Came Cheat is: Invincible base,lots of cash and weapons can shoot forever - no overheat Play Now!
World Basketball Challenge Cheat is: Everything's Unlocked & Free Play Now!
Madpet Carfurfing Cheat is: You can't die Play Now!
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