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Mas Mahem Three Games

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Ultimate War Cheat is: Money Hack - Instructions on game startup! Play Now!
Topsy Turvy Cheat is: Spikes don't hurt you, all levels unlocked. Play Now!
Insect Tower Defense Cheat is: Money and lives hack Play Now!
Evil Nights Cheat is: Infinite Money by mistermigster Play Now!
Black Knight Cheat is: King appeasing is much easier - lots more gold per person. Play Now!
Hey Wizard Cheat is: Enemies give you health - Using magic gives you more - Using skillpoints doesn't take them away. Make sure you play the tutorial if you haven't played the game before. Play Now!
FWG Island Cheat is: 999999 nature points Play Now!
Harry the Hamster 3 Cheat is: Energy Hack Play Now!
Fly Squirrel Fly 2 Cheat is: More money added, easy money earning and infinite rocket fuel. Play Now!
Mr. Schyzo Cheat is: Invincibility, Rage never expires, Extra Money + Boxes, You can shoot while Reloading. Play Now!
Armed Invasion Cheat is: Money, Ammo and Score. Play Now!
Castle Archer Cheat is: Money Hack Play Now!
Fast Sniper 2 Cheat is: Key hacks - press W to instantly win the mission, 6 missions total keys 1-6 go to mission directly (no briefing). Play Now!
Hobo3 - Wanted Cheat is: Health - Start with SMG - All combos unlocked - 5X more ammo for weapons - Passwords below in hack info. Play Now!
Zombie Exploder Cheat is: More Stamina added Play Now!
Stick Defense Cheat is: money,health Play Now!
Night of the Cursed Cheat is: Player and friend health,bought weapons add points instead of subtract,No reload Play Now!
Evolution v1.0 Cheat is: Money hack Play Now!
Evil Defence Cheat is: All purchases and upgrades give you money. Play Now!
Floater on ice Cheat is: More Time Play Now!
Romanius 2 Cheat is: More hp for the hero, infinite lives and infinite titan power (blue bags) after collecting it Play Now!
Army Copter Cheat is: Lives hack Play Now!
The Endless Zombie Rampage Cheat is: More Playerhealth, Basehealth, Shield, EXP-Points, all weapons are free, added more ammo to all weapons Play Now!
Summoner Saga 2 Cheat is: HP, MP and SP Play Now!
Zombie Baseball 2 Cheat is: Invincible player,never gets tired,all bats and combos unlocked,all zombies move slow and can't kill the survivors,starting strength,speed and damage increased,never ending timer to finish the levels Play Now!
Laser Defence Cheat is: 999999 Money and 999 Life Play Now!
Swords Saga Cheat is: Infinite Health, money, strength, defense, lives and vitality, 99 attack Play Now!
Papa's Burgeria Cheat is: Total cash (tips) increased...alot Play Now!
The Dominator Cup Cheat is: Overs increased from 10 to 12, Infinite wickets. Play Now!
Running Blue Cheat is: Lives - Time - Bombs Play Now!
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