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Mas Mahem Three Games

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Mario Jet Ski Cheat is: All levels unlocked Play Now!
Tower Defence Cheat is: 999999999 money loads of damage for everything upgraded range 999999999 lives Play Now!
Globetrotter Cheat is: More time added Play Now!
Me and My Dinosaur Cheat is: Invincible players Play Now!
Fly Squirrel Fly 2 Cheat is: More money added, easy money earning and infinite rocket fuel. Play Now!
Aevarrons Coliseum Cheat is: Infinite health for all player 1 characters Play Now!
Art of War Cheat is: Everything is upgraded and infinite money Play Now!
Final Defense 2 : Last Stand Cheat is: Unlimited heath,unlimited power,every upgrade is free Play Now!
Troy Cheat is: Number key hacks -> 1 for gold hack and 2 for no build limit---MUST read the note in game information! Play Now!
Orcs Attack Cheat is: All Levels Unlocked - All Weapons Unlocked with Infinite Ammo for each Play Now!
Seed of Chucky - Target Practice Cheat is: Instead of 60 seconds you now have 999 seconds time Play Now!
Tank in Action Cheat is: HP and bullets hack...To play - Right click -> Play Play Now!
Gunsmoke Halloween Cheat is: More Health added Play Now!
SpongeBob and Patrick: Dirty Bubble Busters Cheat is: Spongebob & Patrick have unlimited lives Play Now!
Tank 2007 Cheat is: health, coins, score, rockets Play Now!
Body Ladder Cheat is: Health, Psy, Enemy health is lower and more grenades. Play Now!
Turbo Cyborg Ninja X Cheat is: 30 arrows instead of 5 for each level Play Now!
The Purple Box 2 Cheat is: money Play Now!
K.O.L.M Cheat is: Eyes unlocked from the start. Play Now!
The Gun Game 2 Cheat is: Health last 2X longer - Infinite Ammo & Grenades - Level up quick "every 100" - Money - All weapon tiers unlocked" - All Perks unlocked after 1 mission - Bullet time Perk last 2.5x longer - I think that's it :D Play Now!
Millie Megavolte 4 Cheat is: Infinite Health and Anger for ALL characters Play Now!
Stoneage Assassin 2 Cheat is: 20 shots instead of 5 to finish all the levels... VERY BIG GAME - LET IT LOAD Play Now!
Global Defense System Cheat is: Cash and Health Play Now!
Code Monkey Tycoon Cheat is: 999999999 Cash. Play Now!
Stickman Sam Cheat is: Health Hack, All guns and Infinite Ammo Play Now!
Halo Shooter Cheat is: Enemies do no damage - Unlimited ammo. Play Now!
Rocket Toilet Cheat is: Game loading fixed. All purchases give you money. You'll need a few shots but after that you'll be able to afford everything. Play Now!
Autumn War Cheat is: Always 50 units, After first mission - Always have good weapons, and vehicles. You'll like it ! Play Now!
Monster Master *Fixed* Cheat is: You can and MUST have 50 cards in your deck,you and your opponent both have 35 health(for more fun),and the rat and leprechaun cards have 4 health! Play Now!
A Knight's Story Cheat is: A Lot Of Gold Play Now!
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