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Mas Mahem Three Games

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The Only Game in the Village Cheat is: Lives and Money hack Play Now!
House Idle V.4 Cheat is: NaN cash and your level is very high at the start! Play Now!
Speed Escape 4 Cheat is: Unlimited time to escape. Play Now!
Draw Story 2 Cheat is: Infinite Lives Play Now!
I'm the Man Cheat is: Unlimited cash - Player invincible - All weapons & specials unlocked & owned with infinite ammo. Play Now!
Sushi Go Around - No poop!! Cheat is: money, your costumers never get mad Play Now!
ZomBieMan 2 Cheat is: Health - Mines - No Gun Overheat - Power Ups - 3 Key Hacks - Press "7" always Human - Press "8" always Corpse - Press "9" to toggle Not Wanted On / Off - - NOTE: Not Wanted means everyone and everything will avoid you! Play Now!
Guardian Popon Cheat is: Cannon balls, u can get hit 3000 times before u die not 3 and castle health too, also enemy life reduced to 1 shot Play Now!
Curse Village Cheat is: 1.Unlimited Points 2.Unlimited Ammo 3.Unlimited Shield Play Now!
Hold the Button Cheat is: Click the white screen, to start, the button will move itself, minutes cost 1 second, hour cost 1 minute Play Now!
The Sniper Cheat is: 999999999 Bullets Play Now!
Johnny Deep Cheat is: Money - Infinite Oxygen - After upgrading you will get 1000 health & infinite arrows - Also Heath pick-ups give you Max health instead of just 25 more! Play Now!
Octopost Cheat is: Purchases add money. You will need around 5 solid launches to collect enough money for an upgrade. Play Now!
Boxhead Bounty Hunter Lite Cheat is: Cash and starting bounty points--- READ THE NOTE IN THE GAME INFO BELOW! Play Now!
Goosehead Racing Cheat is: Lots of cash Play Now!
Toxie Radd Cheat is: Health, Grenades, Guns don't overheat, and all Guns have increased ROF from start ! Play Now!
Shoot Cheat is: Grenades hack and health slightly increased Play Now!
Warriors Tribute Cheat is: Press help to get unlimited money and potions Play Now!
Castle Wars Cheat is: Builders,bricks,soldiers,weapons,magic,crystals, health and the fence are set to 50 - Multiplayer disabled Play Now!
Operation Youth Club Cheat is: Infinite money Play Now!
Mayan Raiders Cheat is: Lives and timer hack Play Now!
Bulwark 53 Part 2 Cheat is: Health hack, Infinite medi packs, all weapons unlocked, move quicker, faster fire rate and the your bullets move faster Play Now!
Ultimate Monster Trucks Cheat is: Unlimited life hack. Play Now!
Battle for Alandria Cheat is: Gold,Experience after every battle & Unlimited population Play Now!
Chompy The Great Cheat is: You get more bugjuice from the bugs in the first level, so you have enough juice to complete upgrade anything Play Now!
Magic Heaven Cheat is: Dying gives lives - Timer hack - Magic hack Play Now!
Burger Jam Cheat is: roflmao987:Your goal is set to 0(it says undefined,but trust me,it's actually 0). selectLOL:Customers are always happy. Play Now!
Flash Trek Cheat is: Get any spaceship for no prestige Play Now!
Shadez 2 Cheat is: Money and Experience Points in Campaign mode - Skipping the add will result in a black screen for a few seconds.. It may take a few minutes to load, be patient ! Play Now!
Lead for Dead: Call of the Dead Cheat is: Invincible, Unlimited Ammo and Stamina Play Now!
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