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Mas Mahem Three Games

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High School TD Cheat is: Infinite money and lives Play Now!
Bloody Fun Day Cheat is: Health doubled for all reapers Play Now!
Journey TTCOTM Cheat is: Infinite Health and cash Play Now!
Modern Medieval 2 Cheat is: 77777 health and 7777 lives Play Now!
Orblisk Cheat is: 100 million Gold Play Now!
Hungry Space 2 Cheat is: Lives Hack Play Now!
Break Out 2 Cheat is: All Missions unlocked - Life increased - Complete 1 mission to get lots of money to purchase the weapons - After completing each level you get 99999. Play Now!
Sentinels of Mijil Cheat is: Lives, Bombs + No bomb wait time, Tech Points, System Integrity Time Frozen ! Play Now!
Worm Warrior Cheat is: Press Space to skip to the next level Play Now!
Jump Racer Cheat is: Infinite tries. Play Now!
Armor Trigger 1 Cheat is: Health, you don't loose a life Play Now!
Dump Truck 2 Cheat is: Timer hack - Only 1 item is needed to finish each level! Play Now!
Machine Renegade Cheat is: More shield, lives and skill points added. Warning: Do not upgrade your walkspeed and the laserspeed too much, it would becomes unplayable :) Play Now!
Crusher Cheat is: Unlimited Time & More Life added (not infinite since the game doesn't have a restart button after you turn over) Play Now!
Moovlin PC Cheat is: Hat keys 1-9 - Toggle Health " H " - Toggle Super Jump " J " -- Read the note before pressing play! Play Now!
Box10 ATV Cheat is: All levels unlocked, invincible player. Play Now!
Space Thieves Cheat is: Money - All sheep can be taken and you won't loose, game will continue! -- NOTE: If you don't see "Hacked by Dave Petty" under the game, refresh or reload the page until you do or the hacks won't work! Play Now!
Battleon-Invaders Cheat is: 1. You start with all upgrades. 2. Your firerate and amount you can fire are increased to max. 3. You start with 9999 lives. 4. You do not need to ever by any "upgrades" clicking ok in the shop will give you everything back. Play Now!
Terrain Defense Cheat is: 999 Lives, 999999 Gold Play Now!
Neo Tower Defence Cheat is: Money Hack Play Now!
16-Bit Halo Cheat is: Invincible player. Play Now!
Falling Girl Cheat is: The girl is now a stick figure and now the ball things have happy faces on them. Play Now!
Cooties Cheat is: Inf health, All Weapons And Hand Damage Have Been increased Play Now!
Deep Sea Diver Cheat is: Infinite Coins After Beating The First Level - No Oxygen Hack because you will have pretty enough when you upgrade it to the maximum Play Now!
Memoir Text Adventure Cheat is: stats, relationship stats, money Play Now!
Grand Theft Grotto Cheat is: Unlimited lives,player moving faster,bonus time increased and start out with 10 000 points Play Now!
1 Will Survive Cheat is: Gold, Base Health, Unit Limit Play Now!
Heli Strike Cheat is: Infinite Rockets (space). Play Now!
Knife Party Cheat is: All Characters Unlocked Play Now!
Sim Delivery Cheat is: Everything in shop is $1 and I removed the police so they cant catch you. Play Now!
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