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Mas Mahem Three Games

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You Might Get Nervous 2 Cheat is: All modes unlocked - You can't die. The game has no end so feel free to close it at any time you want. Play Now!
Journey to the East Cheat is: Unlimited money and exp Play Now!
Inferno Cheat is: Everything's Free - Once upgraded everything will be enough. Play Now!
Gunrox: Gang Wars Cheat is: Money hack and the enemy starts with $10 Play Now!
Eternal Battle Cheat is: Press 1 key for Infinite Gold! No other hacks because I just can't find the right variables Play Now!
Tank 2007 Cheat is: health, coins, score, rockets Play Now!
The Sniper Cheat is: 999999999 Bullets Play Now!
4 Wheel Madness 1 Cheat is: X3 More Health,Timed levels have infinite time & 1 car needed to pass the level Play Now!
4 Wheel Madness 3 Cheat is: Infinite Health Play Now!
Ace Defense Cheat is: Infinite health for the base on Normal and Unlimited - All towers free. Play Now!
Overlord 2 Cheat is: Everything costs $1 and infinite money Play Now!
Asteroid Wars Cheat is: free upgrades, accept any continue code Play Now!
20,000 Feet and Falling Cheat is: Infinite time + nitro. Play Now!
3 Lil' Pigs Home Defense Cheat is: Money, Lives, Everything costs 1. Play Now!
Gold Miner 3 Cheat is: More time added Play Now!
Aim vs Msn Cheat is: Health, mana, lvl, strength, xp, magic and items. Play Now!
Super Mario Flash v2 Cheat is: Unlimited health. Play Now!
Bubble Tanks 2 Cheat is: Dead Head 3 drop lots of money. Unlocked extra content and modified bft carrier tank. Play Now!
Bellyflop Hero Cheat is: Max Money to buy everything Play Now!
Escape from Hell Cheat is: Infinite lives Play Now!
Pirates vs Ninjas 2 TD Cheat is: Life and Money Hack Play Now!
Half Life 2 Total Mayhem Cheat is: Higher starting-score to buy the stuff you need, after starting the game will be the hack for the health and suit reset to normal, to become more health and suit again, you have to buy it with W and E, more ammo added. Play Now!
Winterbells Cheat is: Key hacks: press key 1 to increase gravity, key 2 to decrease it and key 3 to null the jump (be able to jump again). Play Now!
Atreyu Cheat is: Lives, Lifes and Peppershots all set to 999999999999 Play Now!
Britney Spears vs Child Servisous Cheat is: Toys - lives hack Play Now!
Army Copter Cheat is: Lives hack Play Now!
Lightning Break Cheat is: Timer stopped - No time gets deducted if you do a foul. Play Now!
Beetle Wars Cheat is: Lots of cash,invincible bug and infinite power Play Now!
Feudalism Cheat is: Unlimited money, All heros now start at LVL 999, All heros' skill start with 999, Free Points 999, All Weapons 999, All Potions 999, All heroes and black samurai warriors are invincible, Black Samurai's have extreme strength, All items are now free. Play Now!
Point Resistance Cheat is: Credit hack - Some Important Cheats revealed (rytherix or rani - god mode; cnc - infinite tactical support points; rtsjeremy - basebuilds instantly; fpsdoug - instantkills) Play Now!
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