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Mas Mahem Three Games

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Snow Fort Blitz Cheat is: Lots of health for your team. Play Now!
Hands Of War RPG Cheat is: Gold, Upgrade Points, Level, Set Character Stats, Health and Mana Potions Play Now!
AstroFlyer Cheat is: Unlimited lives,start with 100 points,all stars give you x2 times bigger bonus Play Now!
Sonic RPG EPS 8 Cheat is: HP and SP for Sonic and Shadow Play Now!
Space Voyage - Invasion Cheat is: Cash hack Play Now!
Mario Ice Skating Cheat is: Unlimited Lives & All Levels Unlocked Play Now!
Skylark 2 Cheat is: Infinite Health Play Now!
StarCraft FA5 : Special Edition 2008 Cheat is: Cash hack Play Now!
Zelda:Link's Backyard Cheat is: Press 1 for refilling health and rupees! Play Now!
Rescue on Cocoa Farm Cheat is: All levels unlocked. Play Now!
Arachnophilia Cheat is: Infinite web, gold web, double speed and infinite health. Play Now!
Fire In The Hole 2 Cheat is: Invincible, ammo crates modification Play Now!
Free Will Cheat is: Health & time Play Now!
Fishdom H2O Cheat is: Money hack Play Now!
Parking Challenge Cheat is: Timer stopped - Infinite lives Play Now!
Pie Craving Cheat is: Lives,Darts and Timer hack Play Now!
Defend or Die Cheat is: Infinite health - No Gun Overheat! NOTE: I don't think this game ever ends so just quit when you get bored :| Play Now!
Star Attack Cheat is: You don't lose lives and special weapons, buying things adds money. Play Now!
Glorious Cocktails Cheat is: Lots of points - Lots of ammo after you buy the weapons. Put in cheat JUMPY if you want the people to jump when hit. Play Now!
Break Out 2 Cheat is: All Missions unlocked - Life increased - Complete 1 mission to get lots of money to purchase the weapons - After completing each level you get 99999. Play Now!
Bubble Guinea Pop Cheat is: All Levels unlocked Play Now!
Bratz Fish Tank Cheat is: Money Hack - $9999999 Play Now!
Sift with Shorty X-mess Cheat is: Maximum bullets [Start with 7, but when you reload its 99], Stamina maxed out and Infinite Lazar. Play Now!
Jumpie Cheat is: Lives, No score penalty, coins +35 instead of +5. Play Now!
Choose Your Weapon 2 Cheat is: Speedhack: Use CAPSLOCK to toggle ON/OFF. Unlimited HP: Use SPACE to toggle ON/OFF . Player size [weapons are bigger too :D ]: Use CTRL(Control) to toggle ON/OFF. All weapons in every level. Unlimited ammo in every weapon. Play Now!
Dark Rages Cheat is: Strength, dexterity, constitution, intelligence, life and mana all 999, you can't die and faster reload of mana Play Now!
Sunrise Hackathon Cheat is: Upgrade point hack Play Now!
Hedgehog Launcher Cheat is: Money Hack - Some items have been modified for better performance. Play Now!
Drunken Masters Cheat is: You start with bunch of VIP cards,they all cost only $1,some customers give you bigger tips,lots of cash,bigger awards Play Now!
Virtual villagers: The Lost Children Cheat is: Money,Tech,beetles(couldnt get pebbles, butterflys, shells),2 Farming 3 science, Play Now!
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